Our Team

Our Team

I am the Managing Director of OV International Services Pvt. Ltd. I started my journey of web design and development in 2013 with a definite aim to establish a distinguished identity in the web development & designing field, by serving the best of all.

Managing Director
Varun Kafley

I am the Director of OV International Services Pvt. Ltd. Being a director I am not only doing administrative works, I personally engage in making all services better by providing time to time updates to our interested readers or clients.

Mohsin Khan

I am the project Operation Manager of OV International Services. I have joined this company in the year 2016. Since then I sincerely taking care of flow of projects in the company with the sales team and design team in a general manner.

Operations Manager
Rajiv Moktan

I am the Project Manager at OV International Services. My job role is to organize the projects that come into the company through the Web Consultants and distribute those projects to the concerning office executives to get the job done.

Project Manager
Jerrin Joy

I am the Team Leader of international Web Consultants in OV International Services. I give consultancy to the international business owners regarding website design and online presence over the phone.

Team Leader
Manuel Esai

I am the Sales Executive at OV International. I am bringing business to the company from the domestic and international sectors. I feel good here.

Sales Executive
Anand Prasad

I am the SEO Executive of OV International. The word “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. I have a couple of years experience in the field of SEO, clients’ business profile are ranking high in search engine by me.

SEO Exeuctive
Rumpa Naskar

I am the Content Writer of OV International Services. Since the joining date, I find a very good enthusiastic environment to work here. In OV International, my job profile is to cater content for every project whenever needed.

Content Writer
Avijit Debnath

I am the Web Developer of OV International Services. My function is to make the website dynamic through coding.

Web Developer
Bishal Das

I am the UI Developer of this company. My job is to develop the user interface with HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Java script, jQuery. I am responsible for the coding and testing of our client’s websites.

UI Developer
Sujoy Ghosh

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