Google Local Listing

Google Local Listing

What is Local Listing?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping a website to rank above its competitors on search engines. Local SEO is a specific branch of Internet Marketing that seeks to optimize geographically specific Search Terms like “car repair in New York” so that it appears on the search result page when any one search for the specific keywords related to specific geographic location. Local SEO simply is a technique to aim to get your business name, website, address, contact numbers and business location in front of the people that are most likely to use it- those that are physically located near it.

E.g: Local SEO means that if a restaurant is located near Manhattan, New York; Potential customers will find the restaurant by searching the keyword (term) with location.


Why you should not ignore Local Listing?

In today’s digital world, the yellow-pages and classifieds of the past have become obsolete. Today, consumers by and large turn to the internet, particularly search engines, to find everything from nearby restaurants to local attorneys.

With Local Search features like Google Maps and Yahoo! Local, the trend toward local search is growing every day. At Business Promote Solutions, our clients (you can check our portfolio) have seen Significant ROI as our Local Internet Marketing initiatives have helped exponentially increase their local client-base.
If your business isn’t optimized for local search , you’re missing out on thousands of potential leads, clients and sales.

Some Facts to support what we are saying.

61% of local searches result in purchase

82% of local searchers follow-up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or

76% of Internet users first look at Local Search or map area of the 1st page, then Organic and last Paid

54% of Americans have substituted yellow page phone books with the Internet and local search

57% of Internet users shop online, purchase offline

It gives you a huge potential for your local business.

It can drive your business to a new height.

E.g: Say your firm is based in New York City and a client reviews your firm on your Google business page. If someone who is connected to your client on Google+ searches for “financial advisor in New York,” your firm has a greater likelihood of being at the top of the personalized results. It will also list your client, as having reviewed your firm. That’s huge as it’s essentially a Google-assisted referral to that new prospect. Even if the searcher has no connection to those who have reviewed your firm, profiles with many positive reviews usually rank better in search results.

For any business to stand out in the online market scenario and gain a competitive edge, it is imperative that it has its Google Plus local page optimized with the help of professional assistance. The way customers look for products and services have evolved since the advent of the internet. A majority of people now look for businesses online in contrast to the traditional methods that included newspapers and phone books.

To ensure that your business gets noticed online, you have to see to it that your company or product appears right at the top in the search results when the users are searching for them online. By getting your business listed on Google Plus is the most important step that you need to take so that you can attract the local customers. This is because the Google Plus local pages have been merged with the search engine results Google Plus (the social media platform).

At Business Promote Solutions, we help your business to get found on the World Wide Web. Our experts will create a Google Plus package that is tailored specifically for you. This will result in your business being listed in all the major directories with your business ranking right on top. But our services are not merely for SEO as we aim towards providing you with the best brand experience.